The Power Of Streaming

Every quarter Streamlabs puts out an incredibly detailed industry report. With the COVID-19 Pandemic changing how people spend their time, the numbers have drastically changed.

In the 1st Quarter Twitch broke records, YouTube Gaming is bigger than ever, and Facebook Gaming is showing that they are going to be a legitimate force with incredible growth. The 2nd Quarter was even more impressive (for all but Mixer).


The # of hours watched on Twitch was just over 3.1 billion, YouTube hit 1 billion, and Facebook managed 553 million.


The # of hours watched on Twitch was just over 5 billion, YouTube hit 1.5 billion, and Facebook managed 822 million.

Some of the most interesting numbers to see are the # of Hours Streamed on a platform vs the # of Hours Watched.


While Twitch is still the king here if you go by ratio Facebook and YouTube are the real heavyweights. While only 8% of hours streamed were on YouTube and 3% on Facebook they accounted for 22% and 11% of hours watched. Mixer accounted for 17% of hours streamed but only 2% of hours watched. That was a pretty obvious metric to see where that platform was heading.


Once again YouTube and Facebook showed their quality with 6.7% and 2.4% hours streamed while managing 20% and 11% of hours watched. Mixer decided to bow out of the game and was just recently absorbed by Facebook. It will be very interesting to see how that will change the metrics in the 3rd Quarter.

What comes next?

I expect to see YouTube continue to do what they do well and not try to force anything. Facebook finally has an app for gaming but it is only on Android for now. Twitch isn't going to change too much but it is hard to compete with such a well-established platform with such a great infrastructure. Mixer seemed like a great platform and had most of what it needed to succeed but struggled marketing itself.


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